Operation: Care and Comfort Reaches New Milestone

October 31, 2013

Oct 31, 2013: For immediate release

San Jose, CA – Operation: Care and Comfort, (OCC) an all volunteer military assistance organization, reached a major milestone October 15th by mailing over 11,200 pounds in their latest monthly shipment of care packages to deployed troops. In total, the San Jose, CA based group has now shipped over 500 tons of care packages since 2003.

&Co founders and volunteers, Julie DeMaria, Randy Bye and Cookie Crissman, never dreamed that their mission would take on a life of its own. “Our supporters continue to be the backbone of our organization” said DeMaria, President of Operation: Care and Comfort. “A small percentage of the money we raise is from corporations. Instead, we rely on fund raisers where the average donation is less than $50. At $1.20 a pound for mailing costs, that takes a great effort and a lot of fund raisers!” continued DeMaria. OCC has no paid staff. “Our overhead is 1.4%- pretty remarkable!”

Operation: Care and Comfort has received national recognition for the work they do for our military. In addition to mailing monthly care packages to over 100 military units, OCC has two programs which supports service members, veterans and their families – “Adopt a Military Family” and “Tickets for the Troops.” These innovative programs have allowed OCC to support hundreds of military families with anonymous gifts of support, and thousands others with free donated sports and entertainment tickets from every professional sports team and many entertainment venues across Northern California. “Annually, we distribute over 25,000 tickets, free of charge, to military families and veterans. Deeds, not words. What a great way to say that the Bay Area, including our sports teams, support our troops!” stated DeMaria.

About Operation: Care and Comfort:
Founded in 2003 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Operation: Care and Comfort supports the military, veterans and their families through three distinct programs- OCC Care Packages, OCC Tickets for Troops, and OCC Adopt a Military Family. OCC and its volunteers have received numerous awards for their effort, including the Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Distinguished Civilian Humanitarian Award from the Pentagon (2007) and the National Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces Award (2009.) For more information on this worthy, all volunteer organization, please visit www.occ-usa.org.

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